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Cargo clearance services

Tariveh International Transportation Company provides the cargo clearance services. You can clear you cargo in the shortest time with a lower cost being assured of the service quality and stability of the declared costs. Regarding its long term background in cargo clearance and also observance of global standards of international transportation, Tariveh International Transportation Company has tried to facilitate and accelerate this process. Tariveh International Transportation Company has the possibility of providing professional services of cargo clearance, and currently, this company cooperates with many reputable companies with related activities.

Good export services

Good export service with Tariveh International Transportation Company: experience the good export and import services with the lowest costs and the best cargo clearance and transportation services in this company. According to the custom law and its appertaining executive bylaw, formalities of importing and exporting good, clearing the imported goods and also exporting goods out of the country are subject to submitting a custom declaration to the custom administration. The submitter is obliged to affix the required documents such as purchase list, certificate of the origin, bank documents, and other required permissions determined by the related regulations, to the declaration. In the executive bylaw of the custom law, export is divided into two parts: 1. Definitive export, 2. Temporary export.

Transportation of Open TIR cargo

Having appropriate trucks and experienced drivers, and enough information about transportation of Open TIR cargo to Europe and Asia (Italy, Turkey, and Slovenia), this company is ready to transport the following cargos. TIR carnet is a custom document for international good transit in the framework of TIR Convention and it is issued in the origin country. By virtue of this document, the plumbed good passes the intermediate countries in a road vehicle, and there is no need to perform custom formalities of transit in input and output borders of these countries, until reaching the destination country. We have provided the best opportunities for your import and export affairs, so that you can send you cargos in the shortest possible time and spend the least possible costs. It you want to use the transportation service of Tariveh Company, you can send your application to us, and we will start the activities required for quickly sending your cargo.

Land transportation

Land transportation is one of the oldest ways of goods displacement and is currently being used due to scientific and physical progresses as well as the countries changes. A large volume of goods is transported via land. The most significance advantages of land transportation include its appropriate price and reliable displacement speed. Due to the proximity of Iran to the territorial boundaries entering Asia and Europe, the land transportation industry has been always considered by the merchants and owners of industries in Iran and other business parties with Iran.

Marine transportation

Marine transportation industry is the largest international industry in the world and more than 205 million people are working in this industry. Marine transportation has found a high status among the developing countries due to its effectiveness on the final price of goods. Considering this kind of transportation has found a vital role in the current area of free trade and the completely competitive environment among the owners of industries and raw materials.

Aerial transportation

Aerial transportation has been raised as one of the main goods transportation among the merchants since the early 20th century and has had a significant growth in markets and business networks especially during the last 40 years. Thus, Tariveh international transport company as a complete collection of transportation logistics services, has attempted to have a considerable contribution to projects transportation and aerial freights.

By having an experienced and powerful agency at Shahid Madani international airport in Tabriz, Tariveh company can present your warehouse receipt at the flight in the fastest possible time even for specific freights.

Railway transportation

Railway transportation is another international goods transportation method which is not much considered nowadays by customers despite its many advantages. Railway transportation can be regarded due to its high security, more convenience, and less price.  However, railway transportation could not play an effective role in the international transportation industry or goods transit in recent years. Land transportation is currently regarded more as the leader of international transportation and goods transit.

Petroleum transportation

Petroleum or oil products transportation is the riskiest type of international transportation, so that Tariveh international transport company established a competent agency in Bandare Anzali. This issue led overtaking the other competitors in this risky transportation.

It should be noted that supplying the fuel through petroleum transportation system is one of the issues with high importance and sensitivity. Petroleum transportation should be conducted by roofed vehicles to be safe from the direct sunlight or rain.

About Us

  • In 1988, Tariveh International Transportation Group established Tariveh Company with the approach of providing international good transportation services and started its activity by employing skilled and experienced staff in the field of international transportation and customs affairs of sailing and transit. After 4 years of providing valuable services and attracting the major stock of the market, this company started to register and establish subsidiary companies for better providing the services for the customers with a specialized approach towards the procedures and different good transportation markets. The result of the 25 years of continuous effort of the experienced managers and employer of the collection led to transportation of seventy percent of the export products of Tabriz Petrochemical Company, satisfaction of the customers, and establishment of three active and reputable transportation companies, and we are still prepared to transport the products of that company with a low cost and in the shortest time. We hope that we can continue our activity in this field in the “year of support for Iranian products” by the providence of God.

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