Petroleum transportation

Petroleum or oil products transportation is the riskiest type of international transportation, so that Tariveh international transport company established a competent agency in Bandare Anzali. This issue led overtaking the other competitors in this risky transportation.

It should be noted that supplying the fuel through petroleum transportation system is one of the issues with high importance and sensitivity. Petroleum transportation should be conducted by roofed vehicles to be safe from the direct sunlight or rain.

Tariveh international transport company is one of the pioneers and prominent companies in the field of petroleum derivatives transportation. The experience and expertise of this company over years especially the petroleum products and projects transportation such as gasoline, petrol, gas, LPG, Mazut, Naphtha, etc. from ports, petrochemical, and refineries of Iran as expert and transit to the  neighboring countries especially Iraq and Afghanistan and CIS countries made Tariveh international transport company a reliable and well-known name not only in Iran but also among the neighboring, Persian Gulf, and CIS countries and is considered as an expertise of Tariveh international transport company.

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