Aerial transportation

Aerial transportation has been raised as one of the main goods transportation among the merchants since the early 20th century and has had a significant growth in markets and business networks especially during the last 40 years. Thus, Tariveh international transport company as a complete collection of transportation logistics services, has attempted to have a considerable contribution to projects transportation and aerial freights.

By having an experienced and powerful agency at Shahid Madani international airport in Tabriz, Tariveh company can present your warehouse receipt at the flight in the fastest possible time even for specific freights.

In this regard, Tariveh international transport company takes advantage of airlines and big active collections in this field for its service delivery and presents this method of transportation to solve the needs of its customers and easiness of goods transit. The personnel of Tariveh international transport company assure you that the transfer of your goods to other countries is conducted in the shortest possible time through aerial transportation. Meanwhile, the full mastery on aerial transportation laws plays a significant role. The services on aerial transportation presented by Tariveh international transport company are as follows:

  • Creating seals with protective torsion
  • Preparing the domestic bill of loading and label for transportation
  • Aerial export and import of freight
  • Protection and transportation
  • Receiving, transporting, and delivering goods as door to door
  • Moving dangerous freights
  • Freight insurance
  • Full charter and half-charter renting of airplane

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