Marine transportation

Marine transportation industry is the largest international industry in the world and more than 205 million people are working in this industry. Marine transportation has found a high status among the developing countries due to its effectiveness on the final price of goods. Considering this kind of transportation has found a vital role in the current area of free trade and the completely competitive environment among the owners of industries and raw materials.

Tariveh international transport company is one of the pioneers of international transportation industry and goods transit provides the marine   transportation services (tranship). This company uses the experienced personnel to transfer your goods via the sea in the shortest possible time with the lowest come. Tariveh international transport company is currently able to provide the owners of industries and merchants with a wide range of different routes in the world as breaking bulk and charter container in the field of marine transportation.

The advantages of using our marine transportation service are as follows:

  • Reliable service with a competitive rate
  • High standard at the global service
  • Specific and fixed transit time containing all states in the transportation chain
  • The ratio of performance to extra price
  • Very high degree in flexibility

Marine transportation is one of the key elements in multi-dimensional transportation service. In order to provide the best possible services, a specific part was considered for presenting FCL, LCLM, and bulk freight services at the global

Tariveh international transport company has created powerful business relationships to the most major carriers of international and regional oceans over the past years.

This company involves the experts of domestic markets in Iran and can provide the best solution, most functional consultation, and most favorable price for all destinations at the global level due to the extensive international market. Our marine service includes:

  • Export and import
  • Container service
  • FCL and LCLC service of full container and breaking bulk
  • Door to door service delivery

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