About us

In The Name OF God

In 1988, Tariveh International Transportation Group established Tariveh Company with the approach of providing international good transportation services and started its activity by employing skilled and experienced staff in the field of international transportation and customs affairs of sailing and transit. After 4 years of providing valuable services and attracting the major stock of the market, this company started to register and establish subsidiary companies for better providing the services for the customers with a specialized approach towards the procedures and different good transportation markets. The result of the 25 years of continuous effort of the experienced managers and employer of the collection led to transportation of seventy percent of the export products of Tabriz Petrochemical Company, satisfaction of the customers, and establishment of three active and reputable transportation companies, and we are still prepared to transport the products of that company with a low cost and in the shortest time. We hope that we can continue our activity in this field in the “year of support for Iranian products” by the providence of God.

                                                                                                                            Mr . Naebi – founder and Ceo Tariveh Company