Land transportation

Land transportation is one of the oldest ways of goods displacement and is currently being used due to scientific and physical progresses as well as the countries changes. A large volume of goods is transported via land. The most significance advantages of land transportation include its appropriate price and reliable displacement speed. Due to the proximity of Iran to the territorial boundaries entering Asia and Europe, the land transportation industry has been always considered by the merchants and owners of industries in Iran and other business parties with Iran.

Being aware of the significance of this status, this company has kept itself completely up-to-date and presents valuable and extensive services to the applicants by cooperating with its Iranian and non-Iranian parties.

Land transportation (transit) is one of the major services of Tariveh international transport company. This company with more than 28 years of experience in land transportation (national and international) presents the best goods transit services. All vehicles of Tariveh international transport company have standard which guarantee the safety of goods and acceleration in transportation. All the vehicles of this company have CMR insurance providing services without getting license from the third company. Tariveh international transport company is one of the experts in transportation and transit of petrochemical freights.

By providing the land transportation system and having 450 trailers in different types such as flat bed, refrigerator, tanker, and tent attempt to meet the needs of customers.

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